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I would like to get a NuvaRing but my insurer says that they do not have to cover it since they cover other hormonal methods. I thought all FDA approved contraceptives for women are covered.

In May 2015, the federal government clarified that ACA-compliant plans must cover at least one type of each of the 18 FDA approved methods for women. The NuvaRing is the only available vaginal ring, so plans must cover the NuvaRing without cost sharing.

If your plan does not cover the NuvaRing without a co-payment, you should file an appeal with your insurance plan or check with your State Department of Insurance if you are on an individual plan or with the Federal Department of Labor if you are on a group plan.

Short-term health insurance policies do not have to provide benefits required by the ACA and may not cover preventive services, including contraceptive services.