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protecting what we love

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We offer insurance options that protect what we love.

Hummingbird has plans with great coverage from the top-rated insurance companies in The South!

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Hummingbird Insurance is The Source for The South

Here at Hummingbird Insurance, we specialize in working with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) for those under age 65, Medicare and its myriad of options for those over age 65, and the new healthcare reform landscape for everyone, by:

(1) Helping individuals and families whom are eligible for tax credit subsidies save money on the Health Insurance Marketplace, or

- and -

(2) Offering free consultations to employers and businesses in analyzing the best options and decision for their unique situation. We will find the right coverage for your employees and their families, and at the right premiums for everybody.

Our agents give free consultations in person, live online, or over the phone.

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More information on the ACA, tax credit subsidies, and other topics are located here.

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The Source for The South ♥ protecting what we love 

Our help is always free. We work with individuals, families and employers navigating their options for health, dental and vision insurance they can afford.

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We offer plans from the top-rated insurance companies in NC, SC, VA, FL, TN, GA and AL. Our agents can assist you in-person, live online, or over the phone.

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