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Short-Term Medical Insurance

Short-Term Medical Insurance

Real Health Insurance

We only work with the carriers you know and trust. Our networks are the largest in the country and provide needed care, including emergencies.

Quick & Easy

No health exams! Simple and direct health questions, with effective dates available the next day. It takes under 10 minutes to apply.

All Of The Options

We listen to you, and then custom-craft the perfect solution. We are your connection to affordable care and wellness.

Explore Short-Term Medical
(up to 12 months)


– or-

Explore 3-year Medical Options

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Is short-term insurance right for you?

The best way to find out is to schedule a free consultation with one of our professional agents. Just click the “Book a Free Consultation” button on any page or call us at 828-372-0101.

Hummingbird Insurance agents are licensed to help out folks in North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Texas, Virginia and Oregon.

There are a lot of details in this…

Looking to set yourself up with the most robust coverage possible, while still enjoying substantial savings? 

Here at Hummingbird Insurance, we’ve handcrafted our 3-Point Plan:

1. Major Medical:
Catastrophic coverage for the what-if’s of life

2. Indemnity:
Protection against the high deductible gaps
3. Affordable Primary Care:
Direct Primary Care, On-Network or Telemedicine