Short-Term Medical Plans

Do you need a short-term medical policy to bridge some time? Did you lose other coverage and miss out on your SEP Special Enrollment Period? Are you just looking for a more affordable alternative than what you've seen in the ACA already?

Hummingbird has you covered!

Gone are the days when Short Term plans were only for clients between jobs and early retirees waiting for Medicare eligibility. Short Term Medical has evolved into a product most anyone can use to bridge the gap to other coverage. Offering benefits for major medical events with an out-of-pocket maximum, Short Term insurance plans can serve as a budget-friendly insurance option.


These products are not qualifying health coverage (“Minimum Essential Coverage”) that satisfies the health coverage requirement of the Affordable Care Act. If you don't have Minimum Essential Coverage, you may owe an additional payment with your taxes. You may calculate any potential IRS penalty here: 

The termination or loss of this policy does not entitle you to a special enrollment period to purchase a health benefit plan that qualifies as minimum essential coverage outside of an open enrollment period. These products may include a pre-existing condition exclusion provision.

Is short-term insurance right for you?

Short-term insurance isn't the best alternative for everyone, but it might be for you. 

If you have an employer that doesn't provide benefits
If you missed the annual Open Enrollment period
If you need insurance right now
If you are between jobs and need temporary coverage
If you are retired but too young for Medicare
If your doctor or hospital does not accept Obamacare
If Obamacare plans are too expensive for you

If any of these apply to you, give us a call to discuss your options!

Click on the links below to view short-term medical plan options available from various carriers:

Explore Short-Term Medical plans from UnitedHealthcare (UHC)

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