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Daniel Murphy

Vice President

  • Health
  • Life
  • Medicare
  • LTC
  • Disability
  • Licensed in NC & FL

Contact Daniel

Mobile Phone: 828-380-4377 

Daniel’s Story

Dan Murphy first started visiting the Appalachian Mountains when he was twelve years old. Every summer he would come up from Florida to spend several weeks helping repair damaged homes in impoverished regions of the mountains. In the process of fixing roofs and repairing foundations, he fell in love with this part of the country and resolved to move there in the future.

Dan has been a lifelong martial artist, beginning at the age of five, and by the time he was a teenager he managed a training hall that taught Karate to children. He has two black belts and has practiced five different systems, all of which gave him a strong sense of personal control, focus, and the importance of always doing the right thing.

In his early twenties he helped start a Security company and, separately, wrote curriculum for online courses in Greek philosophy. The importance of self reflection and personal inquiry was rooted into him at a young age thanks to his own martial arts teacher. As a child he was encouraged to read philosophical works from Asian, Oriental, Greek, and European cultures. Today he occasionally gives public lectures or online workshops about these and related subjects, all of which have had a powerful impact on his life. Dan also travels to India periodically, where he studies medicinal herbalism.

After a long hiatus from doing health and life insurance several years ago, Dan decided to join the Hummingbird family. He reached out to us because of our five-star reputation in the region, which said to him that this was a business that was treating their clients well and doing everything above-board. With a bit of extraordinary luck he found two kindred spirits working there. Mike Peterson, like himself, had traveled in India and pursued an interest in meditation. Geoffrey Ferland, the founder, was from Dan’s hometown in Florida. He joined the team right away and now works to continue our reputation as an honest, client-focused agency.