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Family Glitch Fix for ACA Marketplace in 2023

More than 5.1 million people in the US have fallen into the ACA family glitch since 2014, while the vast majority (85% estimated) are currently enrolled through employer-sponsored health insurance. These families are likely spending far more for their health insurance coverage through their job than families with similar income levels who are eligible for tax credit subsidies to lower premiums in the ACA Marketplace. One study estimated that those who fall into the family glitch are spending on average 15.8% of their incomes on employer-based coverage, which will be limited to 9.12% of their family income in 2023.

Will the Family Glitch Fix for 2023 help you save money?

Most families covered through a spouse’s job should  qualify for tax credits to lower their health insurance premiums.  Book a FREE consultation with one of our professional agents to find out if you qualify for financial assistance in 2023!  Spend 20 minutes to find out if we can save you $1,000/month or more, on average.