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I am self-employed with uneven income. When I applied for premium tax credits during Open Enrollment, I said I expect to earn much less next year than I did last year. The Marketplace said I must provide more documentation but didn’t say what to send. How can I find out?

Unfortunately, in most states so far, the data match inconsistency notices are not very specific in describing the additional documentation that is required.  Instead, notices list generic types of types of income documentation without specifying the documentation appropriate for you.  If you are self-employed and estimate your income next year will be significantly less than what you reported on your most recent tax return, you should provide copies of any documents that support your estimate.  Make sure to provide copies and not original documents.  If you don’t have documents, a signed statement explaining your estimate may be accepted.  Be sure to include your name and ID number, a description of the income you expect to earn next year, a description of how you arrived at your estimated income amount, and an explanation of why other documentation is not available.

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