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My 24-year-old daughter, who is working, lives near me and my spouse. We do not claim her as a tax dependent. She is eligible for premium tax credits and a cost-sharing reduction. We are not eligible for any subsidies, but we would all like to enroll in the same plan. Can we do that?

You can all enroll in the same family plan, and your daughter can apply her premium tax credit to reduce her share of the premium for that family plan, but your daughter would lose her eligibility for cost-sharing reductions. If two individuals (or two separate households) qualify for different levels of cost-sharing assistance, or if one qualifies and the other doesn’t, and if they want to be covered under the same plan, they must select a plan that provides the level of cost-sharing reduction that they all would qualify for. In this case, since you do not qualify for any help with cost sharing, the three of you could only enroll together in a plan without cost sharing subsidies.