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I’m single and I’m offered health benefits at work. Can I try to find a better deal in the Marketplace?

Usually no. If you are offered health benefits at work and your required contribution costs no more than 9.86 percent of your 2019 household income, you will not be eligible for premium tax credits through the Marketplace. If you are required to pay more than 9.86% of your income to enroll in coverage for a single person under your job-based health plan, then you could qualify for premium tax credits in the Marketplace in 2019.

In addition, if your job based health plan doesn’t meet the standards for minimum value (for example, if it has an annual deductible higher than $7,900 per person, or if it doesn’t cover hospitalization), then you could also qualify for premium tax credits.

When you apply for a premium tax credit in the Marketplace, the application will include a form with questions about the affordability and minimum value of any job-based coverage you may be eligible for. Take that form to your employer and ask them to fill it out. The Marketplace will review the information and let you know whether you qualify for premium tax credit.

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