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How do I prove that I had coverage and satisfied the mandate?

Health insurance companies, employer-sponsored health plans, and public health programs such as Medicaid are required to provide you with documentation of coverage.  In January, you should receive a form 1095-B from your health plan or insurance company indicating the months during the prior year when you were covered under the plan.  If you were enrolled in family coverage, Form 1095-B will indicate the names of all family members who were covered with you under the plan. (If you worked for a large employer, with more than 50 employees, you might receive a Form 1095-C instead of Form 1095-B.  Form 1095-C documents an offer of coverage by a large employer in addition to documenting months of coverage under the plan.) A copy of this form will also be reported to the Internal Revenue Service.

If you were covered by more than one plan during the year, you should receive a Form 1095-B (or 1095-C) from each plan.  When you file your tax return for this calendar year (most people will do this by April 15 next year) you will have to enter information about your coverage (or your exemption) on the return.

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