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Short Term Medical (STM) Options

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The idea is simple: the short term medical policies provide catastrophic coverage, while the indemnity plan(s) should help you cover the deductible of the short term plan and/or the lost wages, extra bills and costs that usually accompany medical care. The third piece of the puzzle includes medical access and care.  We recommend a cash-based Direct Primary Care clinic, like  Integrative Family Medicine of Asheville. For a lower priced option, Teladoc or telemedicine is a popular choice. Just ask your agent for the options available in your area.

1. Indemnity

Essential Deductible Gap Coverage

Cash to help cover the bills (or deductible)

  • Simply put, an indemnity plan says “If X happens, then you get imbursed $Y”
  • Some categories include Hospital, Accident, Cancer, Critical Illness, and others
  • Several new Combination or Hybrid Multi-Level indemnity plans are now available
  • May be either “fixed” or “coordinated“ indemnity benefit design. ‘Fixed’ is the stated amount, whereas ‘coordinated’ means reimbursement only for actual monies spent.

2. Medical Coverage

Catastrophic Major Medical

Essential catastrophic coverage

  • Up to either 3 years -or- 360 days continuous coverage in a single plan
  • Deductibles per period are adjustable, from $2500 – $12,500/person
  • Does NOT cover pregnancy, mental health or substance abuse.
  • May be medically-underwritten. Applicants may be denied, or pre-existing conditions may be excluded from plan coverage.
  • Many plans from Hummingbird provide up to $2 million coverage for medical needs.
  • Affordable rates! Usually much lower than the ACA premiums.

3. Affordable Primary Care

Direct Primary Care

Provided by Integrative Family Medicine of Asheville (

  • Unique partnership with the #1-rated cash-pay clinic in WNC to lower your entry fee! 
  • Ask for a referral or mention ‘Hummingbird’ when enrolling to waive the $80/person enrollment fee!
  • IFMA provides direct primary care with an integrative focus at reasonable prices.
  • Membership-basis with monthly fees allows IFMA to keep copay low at $20/visit
  • Membership termination in under 12 months results in $250 early cancellation fee
  • Hummingbird clients are buffered from future monthly fee increases for 12 months.

Custom Alternatives Quote

For a personalized quote, complete the request below and one of our professional agents will be in touch within 1-2 business days. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us directly at 828-372-0101 for free help.