Alternatives to Obamacare/ACA

 Alternatives to Obamacare-ACA

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Alternatives to the ACA: 3-point plan

The idea is simple: the short term medical policies provide catastrophic coverage, while the indemnity plan(s) should help you cover the deductible of the short term plan and/or the lost wages, extra bills and costs that usually accompany medical care. The third piece of the puzzle includes medical access and care.  We recommend a cash-based Direct Primary Care clinic, lke Integrative Family Medicine of Asheville, or for a lower-priced option, Telemedicine from Allyhealth. Hummingbird agents are able to offer a 50% discount on the Integrative Family Medicine of Asheville enrollment fee!

For a more complete explanation of the ideas below, take a look at our recent blog post for the Asheville Home Builders Association. Below are some main points of consideration for Alternatives to Obamacare/ACA coverage; please read the product brochures for full details available on the carrier websites.  Most clients who pay full price in the Marketplace are able to save 50-75% off their current premiums, including all 3 points of the plan below:

  1.  Indemnity:

Cash to help cover the bills (or deductible)

  • Simply put, an indemnity plan says “If X happens, then you get imbursed $Y”
  • Some categories include Hospital, Accident, Cancer, Critical Illness, and others
  • Several new Combination or Hybrid Multi-Level indemnity plans are now available
    • e.g., See the ‘Health ProtectorGuard’ options and other plans from UHOne
  • May be either “fixed” or “coordinated“ indemnity benefit design. ‘Fixed’ is the stated amount, whereas ‘coordinated’ means reimbursement only for actual monies spent


  1. Short-Term Medical:

Essential catastrophic coverage

  • Up to 91 days coverage per plan; 2 plans can be combined upfront, with the second plan acceptance guaranteed in the case of medical need during the first period - referred to as a “3x2” plan. Deductibles per period are adjustable, from $2500 - $12,500/person
  • Does NOT cover pregnancy, mental health or substance abuse
  • Is medically-underwritten. Applicants may be denied, or pre-existing conditions may be excluded from plan coverage. 12 months’ wait on PreX for previous 12 months history
  • Many plans from Hummingbird provide up to $2 million coverage for medical needs
  • Affordable rates. Usually much lower than ACA depending on age, area + tobacco use


  1. Primary Care and Medical Access:

Direct Primary Care at Integrative Family Medicine of Asheville (

  • Unique partnership with the #1-rated cash-pay clinic in WNC to discount your entry fee!
  • IFMA provides direct primary care with an integrative focus at reasonable prices
  • Membership-basis with monthly fees allows IFMA to keep copay low at $20/visit
  • Membership termination in under 12 months results in $250 early cancellation fee
  • Hummingbird clients are buffered from future monthly fee increases for 12 months


- Request a discount for the Integrative Life Membership here -

  or, Telemedicine/Telehealth access from Allyhealth + MDLive

  • Most affordable medical access available, at $12/mo or $100/yr for the WHOLE FAMILY with no extra per-visit charges or copays!
  • Access care anytime 24/7 from anywhere in the US
  • Help is available via a smartphone app, by the telephone, or online
  • Most common ailments can be treated; Rx prescriptions and labs can be ordered

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