2022 ACA Income Limits for Tax Credit Subsidies


Based on eligibility and your family size and Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) on your [future] 2022 Personal Tax Returns, you may qualify for subsidies to lower your net premiums on the ACA Health Insurance Marketplace. Schedule a free consultation with one of our professional agents today to review your eligibility and options, or get a quote and/or enroll here with our easy software, other than that clunky healthcare.gov!


2022 ACA Income Limits for Tax Credit Subsidies

Family Size

Lowest eligible income**

100% FPL

CSR Tier 1 limit

150% FPL

CSR Tier 2 limit

200% FPL

CSR Tier 3 limit

250% FPL

*APTC Tax Credit Subsidy Maximum Income Limit

1 $12,880 $19,320 $25,760 $32,200 *Determined
2 $17,240 $26,130 $34,480 $43,550 by
3 $21,960 $32,940 $43,920 $54,900 family members
4 $26,500 $39,750 $53,000 $66,250 and
5 $31,040 $46,560 $62,080 $77,600 age(s)

Each add’l:


*APTC tax credit subsidies are available for almost all eligible tax filers, thanks to the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) in 2021-2022. Premium contribution is now capped at 8.5% of Modified AGI for those with higher incomes. Premiums for plans are determined by family members & ages, so the “maximum income” limit is different for each scenario.

 ** This chart is only accurate for those in Federal Health Insurance Marketplace (healthcare.gov) states which have NOT expanded Medicaid. We here at Hummingbird disagree with this decision over the last several years of our state lawmakers as a whole: we have personally watched our local citizens in the South suffer health-wise and financially, our hospital systems suffer financially, and our society suffer as a result of these decisions by politicians, not by the people  =(

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