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Charlotte ♡ protecting what we love

NC’s top-rated Health Insurance Agency ~ Serving the Queen City 👑 and greater Charlotte area with FREE HELP for Individuals, Families and Employers!

Here at Hummingbird Insurance, we are committed to getting the top health and life coverage for the Charlotte NC area. Our agents specialize in a variety of areas with Individuals, Families and Employers.

We work within the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or Alternatives to Obamacare for Individuals and Families under age 65. We also work with Medicare and its array of options for those over age-65, as well as the new healthcare reform landscape for everyone. For Employers or Groups, we work with your employees to get covered in the way that makes the most sense financially for both you and them. 

We understand that navigating the rapidly changing healthcare landscape can be overwhelming. Our help is always free for individuals and families!  It’s free to quote employers, but enrollment and maintenance may be subject to an annual broker fee depending on the group size.