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Marnie spent her first 50 years along the banks of the Chesapeake Bay and her tributaries in Maryland; growing up, growing businesses and growing children. Marnie moved to North Carolina in January 2018, discovering that the Blue Ridge Mountains and Asheville's thriving culture are exactly what her Soul has called for.

Marnie's forte is connecting people, industry & community for their greatest good.

As an insurance agent with over 5 years experience in Life, Health, Property and Auto, she has come to the conclusion that insurance protects the greatest asset we have; the ability to make a living.

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It's there to assure us that we have a vehicle to drive us to our vocations and have the necessary income for housing when illness or disability have left us unable to work. Marnie lost the ability to pay for her home when her husband became critically ill and she left work to care for him.

She has realized it doesn't protect the Health or Life of an individual, but does protect their financial welfare when they are sick. That it allows for the legacy we so long to contribute to family and/or our community.

With over 25 years experience in business, from marketing sales to Development Director, from fry cook to owner, Marnie has the ins and outs, best interests, tried ideas (and yes failed ones!) to assist you in creating a life of security, protection of assets, and expansion, creating them!

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