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Professional Agent

  • Individual & Family Health, Disability & Employee Benefits Planning
  • Licensed in NC

Contact Jessica

Mobile Phone: 828-202-9820

Jessica’s Story

Jessica helped create the vision and founding of Hummingbird Insurance. As the wife of Geoffrey Ferland, the President and CEO of the company, she helped support and implement the foundation and success of hummingbird throughout the years. Writing content, doing design and marketing as well as “pounding the pavement” through grassroots campaigning; Jessica helped solidify and make important decisions for the trajectory of the company.

Over the years Jessica stayed home to raise their two (at the time) small children, working odd jobs to support the family and allow Geoffrey the time and energy to focus on the success of the company. She has a fine arts degree from UNCW obtained in 2007 and has been a passionate multi medium artist her entire life.

Jessica and Geoffrey have 3 children now and as they grow and become more independent, Jessica has recently had the opportunity to get her agency license and write business officially for the company.

She is immensely excited to be a more active part of Hummingbird Insurance and is looking forward to helping people and creating professional connections.