David Pickering

Licensed Professional Agent

Health, Medicare, LTC & Disability

David grew up in Jackson MS and spent summers on the family farm near Hattiesburg.  David enjoyed the farm and the days spent playing with the cows and horses, fishing in the pond, and hiking in the woods imparted in him a love of nature (which is one of the many reasons he calls Asheville home today).   In his free time David can be found outdoors hiking, finding swimming holes, and goofing off with his family. Aside from loving the outdoors, David also thoroughly enjoys competitive sport. He is a fan of most things sports, however a Saints fan first and foremost.

David moved to Asheville in 2002 and has loved it here ever since.  He went to A-B Tech and UNCA locally where he met many folks he still calls friend today.  During his college years David spent a bunch of time traveling the US meeting interesting people and listening to live music. 

 He sincerely appreciates living in WNC and having his 3 children being able to say they grew up here.  This is a fantastic place to call home and raise a family. After becoming a father, David realized how important it was to him to create a legacy of helping the community and, in this spirit, believes that Hummingbird is the absolute perfect place to do so! 


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